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As a part of YWCA USA our local YWCA Beaumont can add its voice with other YWCAs across the national to speak in a LOUD voice, strong alone but fearless together, as we advocate for the Violence Against Women Act, economic empowerment through lobbying for fair lending practices and sharing out free resources that are available to women to understand the wealth gap and begin to use money wisely. As a network of local , national and international YWCAs we have access to a larger view, bigger than East Texas and our local needs to issues that affect women worldwide, a sisterhood of caring, empowerment, and eliminating racism.

Because of this wealth of resources and connections, our director has access to many presentations that can be given at your club, group, school, or church on women’s topics you may need addressed. Call the office to schedule a speaker to challenge your thinking and open your heart to the needs and issues facing women today.

“We connect women and girls to transform the way people think and process information about themselves and others. The is the essence of empowerment. It strengthens and enables participation, which leads empowers women and girls to be responsible and engaged problem solvers. The word education comes from the word “educare” which means “to bring up”, from e- “out” and ducere “to lead; to bring forward”. Now is the time to bring forward young women, mothers, women of all ages seeking knowledge and being empowered to eliminate racism, gain economic empowerment.

Building Young Leaders
1) Southern Charms Program
2) YWCA Mentorship Program
3) Disaster Recovery Assistance

Mentorship Program
YWCA Beaumont will take The Next Step in determining the unmet needs of women in the Beaumont area. WE gear this program to working with women on topics such as financial literacy, volunteerism, career building and resource guidance.