Association Wish List

YWCA Beaumont has a proud history dating back nearly 100 years. Our anniversary will be in 2014. At one time the YWCA had three buildings providing wellness classes with a pool, housing, and an array of programs. The age of the buildings and the hurricanes brought about a decision to let go of the old septum of direct services to a new collaborative partnership model. We need your help to expand services and maybe even have another building. The needs of women are greater than ever and the YWCA Beaumont is a trusted source for supplying those needs. We have the support of YWCA USA for advocacy, training, and a heritage of standing firm on racial justice and empowerment. We are a part of a network of YWCAs in the United Sates and abroad.

The core of empowerment is the idea of power, power can change, and power can expand. Join YWCA to change, expand, grow, and be the you God designed you to be.