“We connect women and girls to transform the way people think and process information about themselves and others. The is the essence of empowerment. It strengthens and enables participation, which leads empowers women and girls to be responsible and engaged problem solvers. The word education comes from the word "educare" which means "to bring up", from e- "out" and ducere "to lead; to bring forward". Now is the time to bring forward young women, mothers, women of all ages seeking knowledge and being empowered to eliminate racism, gain economic empowerment.

Building Young Leaders
      1) SMART 
      2) Summer Reading Program
      3) Kind Leaders as mediators and peace makers (future program)

Next Step Parenting program
The program begins with a focus on empowering women first to know themselves. By identifying their strengths they can tailor their unique parenting style that uses their gifts and builds a tool bag of skills and techniques to assure that each child they parent feels loved and supported. They will learn create a home environment in which all their children feel they are smart, capable, cared for, and supported in their academic success.


The core of empowerment is the idea of power, power can change, and power can expand. Join YWCA to change, expand, grow, and be the you God designed you to be.