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If you are motivated by courageous women of the past or, you are a woman or man who wouldn’t take no for an answer, we can partner with you to change our world, our neighborhoods, schools, and ourselves as we all work to eliminate racism and empower women period.

Programs such as food distribution are carried out as volunteer board members cook meals in local churches to be delivered to shut in clients, distribute food from their homes and deliver boxes of groceries to families in need in partnership with the food bank.

Scholarships are given to women who are older than average college students. YWCA Beaumont targets women who choose a different life path than college as they graduate from high school. Some choose to have children and others found jobs after high school graduation which had limited availability for advancement. Upon reexamination of their life choices our scholarship recipients realized a need to further their education and became ready to devote mature effort to the process. The YWCA Second Chance scholarship program provides about three scholarships a year depending on the dividends we earn from our scholarships endowment fund.

Our YWCA SMART (Seminar Motivating and Reaching Tweens) program is an exciting prevention/intervention/empowerment program for fourth and fifth grade girls. Mentors share their personal stories of success and teach our TWEENS skills that have been proven to lead to financial and personal success in life. Character education is a vital part of the program. We encourage our SMART program participants to be different from their peers. We lead them to develop strength, good character, and problem solving abilities, rather than pleasing the crowd or unthinkingly following trends that are often harmful or even devaluing for young women. They can do their best, be strong, be empowered and be successful. You bet!

From our web site, you can make your gift securely online.

In addition to donating online, there are other ways you can support the mission and work of YWCA.

Mail Your Gift To:
YWCA Beaumont
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Donate Stock or Other Securities

When you transfer stocks or other securities to the YWCA USA, you are eligible for a tax deduction for fair market value. You can designate your gift for a specific fund or purpose. For more information about donating stock or other securities to the YWCA Beaumont, contact the Executive Director:  409-899-1011


The core of empowerment is the idea of power, power can change, and power can expand. Join YWCA to change, expand, grow, and be the you God designed you to be.